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  • How do you take care of air plants?
    Air Plants are very easy to care for. They require a bright spot, ideally a window, and need to be soaked in water once every 2 to 4 weeks. They do like an odd mist every once in a while if you want to give them some extra love.
  • How do air plants live?
    With over 650 types of Air Plants also called Tillandsia, these unique looking plants survive without soil. Air plants use their specialized leaves to obtain from the air the water and nutrients they need to survive. The roots of the air plant are simply used for attaching themselves to rocks, trees, shrubs and the ground. Keeping them as a houseplant does require additional watering, as described in the care instructions.
  • Where do you put air plants?
    Air Plants do best in bright indirect sunlight, a window spot is ideal. If you keep them well watered, they can easily tollerate some direct sun. Avoid dimly lit locations.
  • What are air plants good for?
    Air plants are perfect to display in your bedroom because they photosynthesize at night. So while you are sleeping, they emit fresh oxygen into the air. Being among plants can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and improve focus at home or work.
  • How long do air plants live?
    Air Plants can live many years. depending on the species it takes a few or many years to reach maturity. Many air plants will start growing pups at some stage which you can leave attached to the mother plant or seperate.
  • Can you put air plants in the bathroom?
    Air Plants love the humidity in the bathroom and might not have to bathed as often. However, they do need bright light to live a happy life.
  • Can you put air plants in sand or other things?
    Air plants should not be planted in soil or placed on any wet or moist ground. You can easily layer moss, sand, or rock to create variation and texture in your terrarium but make sure its completely dry.
  • Can you glue air plants?
    We don't usually recommend using glue to attach air plants to something because it makes it harder to water and care for your plants.
  • Do air plants have babies?
    Just before, during or after flowering, depending on the species, your air plant will reproduce by sending out 2-8 “pups”. These baby air plants, which start out very small, will eventually grow into their own mother plants. Pups can safely be separated from the mother plant when they're about ⅓-½ its size.
  • How fast do air plants grow?
    The quick answer is, Air Plants are slow to grow, and will only blossom once in their life-span! This can take between a year and two years.
  • Why is my air plant turning red?
    Like people, air plants go through life cycles. And most air plants will start to change colors as they prepare to bloom! That means that they are getting ready to produce a flower, which are often times extremely fragrant and sweet.
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